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To be on the move, always.

A life of dust and asphalt and ever-important roads. A civilization where a car is the sole token of your citizenship.

Dany and Sarah are Wheelers, children of tar and oil. With their father, they live in their albatross-white Peugeot 203, one day at a time.

From one gas station to another, those modern day nomads drive, love, dream, until the accident… and the Footlings.

Walter Kurtz était à pied (Walter Kurtz was walking) is a confusing tale in which Emmanuel Brault makes us take the wheel towards a future where man and car are one.

A pirate berths the shores of Carcosa, the Otherwordly City.

Convinced he’s dead, he is led to the King in Yellow by Maar, a blind man who seems to know everything about him. Haunted by the memory of his love, the King offers the pirate life renewed if he frees him of his curse.

The pirate then embarks on a journey, a quest for his own lost treasure, Ananova, the woman he loved and mourned.

With his dramatic and poetic Le Livre jaune (The Book in Yellow), Michael Roch has us travel at the edge of the cosmos, even beyond Hastur, Aldébaran and the Hyades.

This page has been translated by Davy Athuil with the help of Mathieu Rivero.